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The first church in the city of Aubin was the church of the fortress, dedicated to Saint Amans, Rouergue's evangelist and first Rodez's bishop in the IIIth or IVth century. It was the first diocesan center.

The Conques's monk were presents in the whole country of Aubin since 829.
In 1087 Rodez's bishop, Pons d'Etienne, maked a present of the Aubin's church (with also domains and parishes) to the Montsalvi' Augustinian friars .

On the location of the current church, a monastery existed already in 1006. Voluntarily isolated of the city, in a noiseless place.
Nothing is visible today, from this first church.
It has been completely rebuilt in the middle of the XIIth century and became the new diocesan center. (called Our-Lady, then Saint Blaise, then Our-Lady of Assumption).




Initialy, it was a three naves church (two of them still exist), each one with an apse at the top.

It seems like the map on the right.
The whole part in black on the map subsits actually and is completely in roman style, with the exception of the archway and the front rose which are posterior.

Draft of the roman church