Stained Glasses Windows 1 2 3

From the XIIth century church, it exists no more stained glasses. Those of the enlargement of XVth century disappeared too. The windows of the choir were brick up in the XVIIIth century and all stained glasses were replaced between 1878 and 1884 (Design by Lachaix). Some of them still exist, particularly in the choir, two rosaces and three little stained glasses in the roman part.

The stained glasses of the large windows on the two lateral sides of the church disappeared after they were taken off during the first steps of the works in 1976.


One of the stained glasses of the chior


On the left one of the stained glass of the chior. Click on link 2 or on the picture to discover the others stained glasses.





On the right one of the rose-windows, the others can be seen by clicking on link 3 or on the rose-window.

Rose-window on the chior side

This opportune disappearance will allow to endow the church Our Lady of AUBIN with several works of Daniel Coulet (Painter) and Mr. Fleury, Master Glassmaker.

The evoked topics will be Saint Emile of Rodat life and Father Marie-Eugène of Child Jesus life.