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This tombstone is a funeral recess with a flat bottom. It was reserved in the "old regime" (the system of government in France before 1789) to nobleman.



On the photography (on the left), you can see the Adhémar de Buisson's tombstone, Albin's prior, who was the initiator of XVth century's works.

The tombstone is decorated with handsome gothic sculptures, foliages, pinnacles and armorial bearings.

It is used today as baptismal fonts.

Christ's baptism

Above the arch, three statues representing Christ's baptism : in the middle half immersed Christ, on the right Saint John the Baptist and on the left an angel holds the Christ's clothes.
(This last sculpture has disappeared today).



The tombstone at the begining
of the XXth century.


A wood gate protected
the old baptismal fonts.




Tombstone at the begining of the XXth century