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The church Our Lady of AUBIN, as you can see it today, is situated on the location of the old Monastery, in the low part of the "Puech Garcang".

As most of the churches, the apse is oriented to the east, in order to celebrate facing the Levant.

From the railway track you can take advantage of the most beautiful views on the church, first the facade, then while following the south side of the edifice.

The north side is visible from the parking, near the school and Bessière's street nearby the presbitery. It is also from this street that you can observe to the better the apse.


Vue du côté latéral nord
North side

Façade Ouest
West side

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Chevet - Abside
Chevet - Apse
(From the presbitery's garden)

Vue du côté latéral sud
South side
(From the presbitery's garden)